Welcome to the Bettendorf, Iowa High School Class of 1973 website!

This website began in 1997, in the early days of the internet, in anticipation of our 25th high school reunion in 1998. Over time it has evolved into one of the largest high school reunion websites on the internet, comprised of hundreds of pages and several hundred photographs from three different reunions (20th, 25th and 30th). A complete class roster features individual bios and contact information for all students with past and current photos of them and their families. We've also remembered those classmates and teachers who have graduated early from their lives. This site is updated regularly with updated bios and new photographs, and has become a 'virtual reunion' year around for members of the Class of 1973.

This site spawned what would now be called one of the original reality shows called "Reunion" on The Learning Channel, produced by the company currently producing the TLC hit "Trading Spaces". Our 25th reunion was profiled on this reality series, which ran during the 1998 season. It was also featured on the front page of the Quad City Times as well as in Education Week, a magazine distributed to teachers nationwide.

2013 was our 40th Class Reunion!